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Invaluable Customer Lessons Learned

Ladonna Sequin Bag Black

Running an online boutique has presented me some opportune times to really talk and listen to the person behind the order; during these conversations,  there have been some invaluable customer lessons learned in the process.

I’ve been asked on many occasions ‘what are some of the most impactful lessons learned from dealing with customers’ while running Mimi Boutique. Today I will highlight three that I find to be quintessential.

Have Them Share Their Experience With Your Items

I always try to establish a  good rapport with my customers. I encourage them to check back and let me know what kind of experience they have had with any item from Mimi Boutique.   In some cases I get awesome detailed feedback. This is insightful because it helps solidify the vendors, designers and brands that I carry in the store. If something doesn’t hold up, yet again I want to hear about it.  Having one or two customers share a bad experience spares you from having a group of disgruntled customers. I’ve been in situations where I have pulled a style from the store because one customer had a negative experience. I appreciate the time a customer takes to provide feedback along these lines and most definitely encourage it.

 Handle Any Issue With The Utmost Finesse

I still get a butterfly in my stomach when something goes wrong on an order (I really do!) On the other hand I strongly believe that there can be a lot said about how a  business deals with a customer when something isn’t right. Handling an issue with the utmost finesse (and swiftness) is always top priority.  A mishap that I put every effort into rectifying has often times yielded me long term and loyal customers.  One thing I am certain of is: being human and generous goes a long way in this business and it always comes back two fold.

Talk About Shopping With Your Customer

Sounds too good to be true, right?  What gal doesn’t love to talk about shopping? Whenever the chance arises I love to chat with my customers about other places they shop . Why? The typical shopper that shops at Mimi Boutique is shopping online regularly. They have seen things, experienced things and are on the pulse of what is going on out there on the world wide web. Hearing their experiences with other online retailers is amazing insight! (I will touch on this in an upcoming post, so make sure to subscribe to the blog!)

Invaluable Customer Lessons Learned


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