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Jolt My Style – Featured Blogger: The Style Mogul

Featured Blogger The Style Mogul

Mimi Boutique is proud to introduce you to blogger Christina from The Style Mogul!


TSM:  Marketing & General Manager for a home staging company in Toronto.

How would you describe your style?

TSM: Classic with edge! Or just plain edgy! I love taking classic pieces and adding a twist to them. Some days I feel like busting out and being completely different!

Who or what most influences your fashion style sense?

TSM:  There isn’t exactly one person that influences my style sense.  My style sense comes mainly from what’s current & what’s hot! I watch a lot of Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker, knowing the trends and colors that are current for the season does help! Sometimes just by starring at my closet I am able to visually pair items together.

Celebrity most admired for their fashion style:

TSM: I love Kourtney Kardashian’s style. She keeps is simple and classic yet adds her own twist to it.

Your friends/peers know you best for what fashion accessory obsession?

TSM:  Chunky Jewelry

What colors are you most drawn to when choosing a handbag?

TSM: Black, nude or a bright color.

When it comes to fashion ….a) what will you splurge on? b) What are most price conscience about?

TSM:  A) Shoes – nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes! If anything everyone should spend a bit more on a pair!
B) Things that are a little more flashy/out there! Things you feel you can only wear once or twice

Describe the core focus/objective of your blog:

TSM: The Style Mogul is an online scrapbook of my personal style, favorite recipes, DIY projects, travels, as well as the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and up and coming designers/models/photographers.

What has been the biggest surprise of all in regards to your experience running a blog?

TSM: I am very surprised to see how quickly The Style Mogul is expanding, and how so many people from over 120 countries are reading it! At first, I focused more on beauty and fashion trends, than I did on my personal style.  I wasn’t sure if people would really relate to my fashion sense or even like it. But, ever since I started showcasing my outfits I’ve been gaining more and more hits each day!

What are you most excited about to share with your readership in regards to Mimi Boutique’s accessory selection?

TSM:  Your selection is very diverse. You carry everything from amazing handbags, to stylish jewelry, to beauty products, sunglasses, and even accessories to spice up technology! Mimi Boutique is definitely the go to online store for great accessories – especially amazing styles in handbags!

Anything else you want to share with us about yourself?
TSM: Special tidbits about me:
– I’ve lived in 4 different countries, Singapore – Canada – England – Portugal.
– I speak 2 languages: English & Portuguese
– My love for fashion started when I was a baby – my mother was the number one wholesaler of accessories for all of Canada
– Although I currently live in Toronto – my favorite place to live is Peniche, Portugal (just 40 minutes north of Lisbon)
– I’m a sucker for sweets, shoes, handbags
– I love drinks with umbrellas in them 🙂

Christina has been actively blogging for approximately one year on The Style Mogul.  Socially, she’s most active on Twitter!

In the weeks to come we will be showcasing a ‘jolt my style’ look by Christina featuring one of our most popular accessories of the season! We hope you check back with us.



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  1. Love it thanks loves!! <3

  2. I love Christina and follow her blog The Style Mogul regularly! She has fantastic style and I love that unlike a lot of bloggers out there, she uses affordable pieces to make million dollar outfits! xx

    1. Kailee,
      We love her style as well! 🙂

  3. awesome style. and the snakeskin print is pretty.

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